Manchester to the power of 4

M4 is a collective of citizens in Manchester nurturing self and social change. We come together to collaborate and support each other – exploring different ways to increase our self-awareness, and taking that into our work and communities.

M4 Nurturing self and social change

We co-create safe & inclusive spaces to work on positive change in a holistic, human-centered way. We take notice of and promote strength, wholeness and well-being of self, others and place.

Who is involved?

We are an open & independent collective of citizens based in Manchester with a range of skills and experiences including facilitation, coaching, action research, co-production, human centered design, digital transformation, innovation, strategy, planning and campaigning.

We welcome anyone that shares our values to be part of M4.

What do we do?

We meet to support and learn from each other, collaborate on projects, host events and pop-up learning sessions, explore ideas, share inspiration, and host a ULab GM hub.

As individuals, we are involved in a variety of projects across the region including DivaMancamityJam & JusticeCitizen-iHappen TogetherStreet SupportManchester Homelessness CharterParliament Project NorthManchester City of SanctuaryBike HivePushPedalScootNational College for Teaching and Learning.


Together we…

  • Commune (coming together and connecting people)
  • Explore (coaching and facilitation)
  • Collaborate (co-production and idea sharing)
  • Influence (storytelling and lending voice)
  • Innovate (ideas generation,  prototyping and user testing)
  • Act (influencing social change)

Why M4?

We recognise citizens as an essential 4th element in social change, alongside the public sector, private sector and voluntary/third sector.

We are also exploring 4 layers in this transformation:

  1. Core – our inner well-being.
  2. Collective – the work we co-create together.
  3. Collaborative – the work we do with others.
  4. Movement – the change we inspire in the world.

We recognise common challenges in all humans and across cultures, yet also see the importance of place based innovation. As Manchester based citizens, we start with change in ourselves and in our own community – hence ‘Manchester to the power of 4’!

Join M4!

We want to co-create Manchester4 together, so this website is very much a work in progress. If you share these values and would like to get involved, we would love to connect with you.

You can email us at admin@manchester4.ukjoin our mailing list, or follow us for the latest updates on Twitter or on the M4 Slack channel.

We are also hosting a ULab hub in Manchester this year. Find out more about the ULab Hub here.