A City Speaks – watches, reads, listens and writes

Prior to our event around ‘Citizenship’ on 23rd February 2017, M4 moonshooters were given a series of pre-event tasks. Links to the material can be found below. We continue to welcome any feedback and comments in response to these tasks, and in particular Task 4: Your Vision for Manchester – please send any comments and contributions to admin@manchester4.uk

  1. Watch ‘A City Speaks’ – http://player.bfi.org.uk/film/watch-city-speaks-1947/
  2. Read about vTaiwan, a participatory democracy programme powered by the Pol.is artificial intelligence platform here
    (More from Colin Megill, founder of Pol.is, here)
  3. Listen to Mariana Mazzucato and others discuss ‘mission-oriented innovation’ (‘moonshoots’) at the RSA on Friday 17th February 2017, 1-2pm here
  4. Write 100-500 words on your vision for Manchester – what does the best version of future Manchester look and feel like as a citizen? (Please note that this content may be used on the M4 website and in RSA research. Contributions will be treated as anonymous, but if you prefer to be identified, please do state this in your submission).

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