ULab and Social Presencing Theatre

Some of us have been following the fantastic ULab course from MIT – a new way to approach systems change ‘Leading from the emerging future’.

We plan to co-create a ULab hub in Manchester when the course starts again in September. In the meantime, there’s some brilliant ULab tools to explore, and below is a little taster of what it is all about.

Social presencing theatre and the emerging future of education

During the last ULab2 live lecture of this season, the invitation was to look at the emerging future for education, and trial using social presencing theatre (SPT) to see what common themes might emerge. This is about using our bodies deeper knowing rather than just our conscious minds. In our M4 core meet up today we ‘stepped into the fire’ and had a go using this technique.

The instructions were to…

  1. embody our experience of the education system;
  2. speak a few words from that shape;
  3. let our bodies merge into a new shape representing the potential for education;
  4. speak from that shape.

Here are the results…

Katie Finney (@katiefinney)

Viv Slack (@ObjectivesFirst)

Rosie Clayton (@RosieClayton)

Nicola Waterworth (@nicwaterworth)

Get involved

Have you tried SPT? Would you like to try it? We would be interested in your experiences. We want to create inclusive and safe spaces in Greater Manchester to try new ways of working and being.

If you are interested in joining the experiment, or joining a Manchester ULab hub, please join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter to keep in touch. You can also join the wider ULab conversation using #ULab.