Theory U

Manchester ULab Hub 2017

We are really happy to be hosting a ULab hub in Manchester this year, an open space for anyone following the online course “u.lab: Leading from the emerging future“.

What is ULab?

ULab is an introduction to a Theory U – “a method for leading profound change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide“. The only prerequisite for this course is an introductory overview which you can complete in around 90 minutes.

Some of us followed the course in 2016 and found it inspiring and transformative. We would love to share this experience with others locally, and through this journey collectively consider “What is our vision for GM?“. Some might already have a project or intention in mind that they want to bring to this course, others might be open to this broader question – there is space for both.

When and where?

We are really happy that PlantNOMA are welcoming us into their awesome maker space to host the ULab hub this year. We invite anyone that wants to join us to come along, and bring food to share.

Dates and times are as follows…

  • 21st September 2-5pm (lecture starts at 3pm)
  • 19th October 2-5pm (lecture starts at 3pm)
  • 9th November 1-4pm (lecture starts at 2pm)
  • December 1-4pm (lecture starts at 2pm)

Outside of these dates there will also be opportunity to form coaching circles, to collaborate on research and prototyping, and/or to try out new techniques which are introduced in a safe and inclusive space.

How will it work?

This is a ‘leaderful’ group: we will arrange the space and send out the invitation, and we invite everyone that comes to the sessions to co-create the hub with us, contributing in whatever way they can.

We will lightly facilitate the sessions around the M4 ‘layers’…

  1. Core – Grounding and check in
  2. Collective – Developing together through the ULab course
  3. Collaborative – Reflection on how we will take this into our work and lives
  4. Movement – Inspiring and supporting others

Count me in!

If you would like to join the Mcr Hub, please fill in this quick form so we know who to expect.

If you have any questions, you can email us at or connect on Twitter @Manchester4_uk.

See you on 21st!