ULab GM hub – live session 1

Today was the first ULab GM hub hosted at the awesome PlantNOMA. We came together to watch the live session, reflect together, and share our intentions for this years ULab journey (and eat a lot of snacks).

This first session gave an overview of TheoryU and set the scene for the process we will follow in the coming weeks. (You can watch the recording of the 1st ULab live session here, and find tweets from those who attended the GM hub at #ULabGM.)

For many of us the moment of mindfulness was the most significant part of the session – feeling our connection to the ground beneath, knowing there were others all around the world doing the same thing, connecting to ourselves, the earth and each other in the same moment.

We are all keen to start applying the ULab framework and tools in practice to the things we care most deeply about – for individual and collective change in GM. It felt special to set off on this journey together, knowing there are many in GM passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces and bring about positive change in our communities.

Catching up

If you are interested in joining the GM hub in Mcr but missed the first session, the good news is there is still time. There’s lots of great material to watch and read if you have the time, but here are the essential steps they recommend…

  1. Follow the ULab 0 introductory course (approx 90 minutes)
  2. Join a coaching circle (see below)
  3. Watch the recording of the 1st ULab live session here

Coaching circles

One of the most deep and transformative tools from ULab are coaching circles.  This is a way to support each other in small groups through our biggest challenges. Highly recommended. There are two choices with this…

Next GM hub session

The next hub sessions are at PlantNOMA as follows…

  • 19th October 2-5pm (lecture starts at 3pm)
  • 9th November 1-4pm (lecture starts at 2pm)
  • December 1-4pm (lecture starts at 2pm)

See you there 🙂