ULab GM hub – Co-Initiating (module 1)

The ULab course is fantastic and rich, but it can be a little full on to follow, so here’s a little overview of the key points from the first module on co-sensing for anyone struggling to keep up…

Co-Initiating is all about connecting to our deeper intentions, and creating space for others to do the same. This is very much in line with our intention for M4, and comes with some beautifully practical tools with which to develop these conditions.

The key steps they recommend around this stage are as follows:

  • Re-connect with your intention for the course (there’s an exercise to do this in Ulab0x)
  • Connect with 2-3 other people that could help you explore this intention (or come to our GM hub!)
  • Practice the 3 levels of listening and empathy.

Listening is at the heart of ULab – listening to others, listening to ourselves, and listening to the field that we collectively create. As shown below, with practice, the levels of listening can move from downloading where we just confirm what we know, to factual listening where we listen with an open mind, to empathic listening where we listen with an open heart, and to generative listening where we listen with open will to the emerging future.

The other key tools recommended are regular journaling, practising levels of listening, doing an empathy walk, and joining a coaching circle.  If you need tips or help with any of this let us know.

ULab GM hub co-initiating

For more about the GM ULab hub hosted by M4, please see our blog post about ULab GM. You have any questions, you can email us at admin@manchester4.uk or connect on Twitter @Manchester4_uk.