As an M4 collective we organise events to grow citizen participation and agency, and to support each other on this journey.

Our next event

We want to open up the vision and mission we have drafted and explore with others how we can deliberately develop this idea through our individual and collective lives, to work and nurture new collaborations. If you think you may share some of our vision and want to shape spaces and ideas that support yourself and others in growth and liberation, come along!

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Future events

We plan to run a series of ‘Bitesized M4’ events – safe and inclusive spaces where we can learn, grow and connect. Anyone in the collective can suggest something they would like to try, share or learn, and we will support each other through the process. If you have wondered about coaching circles, mindfulness, circular design, or any other techniques or tools you think would be useful to bring about social change, lets try it!

Past events