What we do

M4 creates space to nurture human growth and social change. We recognise that how we do things is as important as what we do.

This space takes different forms which we explore together – co-produced events, hosting community-led conversations, offering bitesized skills workshops, pop up sessions for existing groups, safe space to try new tools, facilitation for events, coaching circles, guided reflection, individual coaching, supporting groups, community-led action research, mindfulness moments etc.

We do this through working together as a collective, and also through collaboration with others in our communities.

Learning – ULab Hub

We are hosting a Manchester ULab Hub this year, starting on 21st September. ULab is an awareness based approach to systems change – a framework that brings together many tools and techniques that we know and love.

Experimenting – Bitesized M4

We are trying out a series of ‘Bitesized M4’ events – safe and inclusive spaces where we can experiment with new tools and techniques – to learn, grow and connect.

We invite anyone in the collective to bring something they would like to try out, share or learn. We will support each other through the process and offer compassionate feedback.

If you have wondered about coaching circles, mindfulness, circular design, or any other techniques or tools you think would be useful to bring about social change, here is a safe space to try it.

Group Support – Facilitation

People within the M4 collective have a range of facilitation tools, techniques and experiences which enable us to support others – bringing together diverse voices to co-design solutions together. Get in touch to find out more.

Personal Support – Coaching

Nicola, Eve and Maria offer one to one coaching to support you in your own journey. M4 also offers coaching circles, a technique that enables peers to support each other in their journey. Find out more though Happen CIC.

Facilitating Growth – Human Centred Design

Katie and Maria offer human centred design processes to facilitate growth for organisations, individuals and communities. To find out more visit Amity.

Understanding – Citizen-led Research

Clare supports citizens to lead their own research, focusing on people and their experiences, working with people as storytellers, researchers, analytsts and change makers. Find out more at Citizen-i.

Inspiring – Movement Building

Lauren helps changemakers to drive impactful social change through inspiring people and mobilising communities to action. Find out more at Noisy Cricket.

Digital Innovation

Viv brings her experience of technology and digital communication to social challenges and community led initiatives. Find out more through Objectives First.

Previous events

What would you love to do as part of M4? Let us know!