Who we are

M4 is an open collective – we welcome anyone who shares our values and wants to get involved.  We work together as a collective, and also collaborating with others in our communities to co-create social change.

Here are a few of the people involved so far in our journey…

  • Clare Devaney  – communication, research, strategy.
  • Eve Holt – facilitation, coaching, training, strategy.
  • Viv Slack – digital strategy, technology, co-production.
  • Katie Finney – human centred design, facilitation, facilitation training.
  • Nicola Waterworth – coaching, facilitation.
  • Lauren Coulman – social impact & business consultancy, campaigns.
  • Maria Mayor – coaching, facilitation.
  • Ian Rutherford – innovation, pastoral support, social action.
  • Rosie Clayton – education, innovation, technology.