Clare Devaney

Clare DevaneyI’m Clare. I am all about people. I am fascinated by how people live, interact, relate, feel, connect and communicate, and by the spaces, places and platforms in which those interconnections happen. I’m a proud generalist, with a strong belief that the most exciting things happen where traditional disciplines intersect, and as such I’ve had a varied career which has seen me work in public relations, economic development, culture and the arts, health, housing and heritage. One thing has remained constant throughout: my abiding passion and deepest respect for the transformative power of words. Human stories are our richest data source, and I’ve instilled that into my own company, Citizen-i, which specialises in citizen-led research, civic innovation and human-centred impact analysis. It, like me, is people powered.

Had I have known what an architect was when I was younger, I’d probably have been one. I love buildings and the urban fabric, but I’m even more interested in the potential of the space in between. For me, M4 is a space which transcends the physical form of the city to tell its story. It liberates the city from itself. Its mission is human growth, and I am full of hope for what we can  collectively achieve.


  • Spacemaking
  • Words and communications
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Qualitative research and storytelling
  • Data, evaluation and impact analysis
  • Idea synthesis
  • Rapid learning
  • Jokes


  • Impact Hub Manchester
  • RSA – Citizens & Inclusive Growth (with JRF), Heritage Identity and Place (with HLF)
  • University of Salford ‘Living Map’ Data Analysis Platform
  • PhD Civic Innovation (MAPS-LED International Research Partnership)