Katie Finney

I bring together my love of facilitation and transformational leadership with my history of research, citizen engagement and participation. As co-founder of amity I’m delighted to combine Zenergy Facilitation, Human Centred Design and Coaching to increase people’s participation in all areas of life. I co-lead our Making a Difference Together programme, facilitating groups to collaborate in the co-design of innovative solutions to community or organisational challenges. I am inspired by creating processes fit for people and enabling everyone to participate in decisions about the issues that effect their lives.


  • Facilitation
  • Coaching and Human Centred Design for Effective collaboration and co-production
  • Enabling participation
  • Plant based food
  • Surfing


  • Making A Difference TogetherFacilitation, coaching and human centred design programme for groups to co-produce solutions to shared social challenges
  • Whole Person Facilitator and TrainerCourse Leader in Training, Zenergy Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence
  • Jam and Justice –  Action Researcher, using co-production to explore and test more inclusive urban governance in Greater Manchester
  • More Than One Storydelivering workshops and selling this card game to builds bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.