Lauren Coulman

Lauren Coulman

Lauren Coulman – Noisy Cricket

Lauren Coulman is the director and strategist behind Noisy Cricket, a social impact consultancy galvanising businesses, organisations and change-makers to join voices and work collectively in driving social change. Lauren is also the founder of body politics collective Free to be OK with Me, whose mission is to first make Manchester a body positive city. Working across social issues including homelessness, food poverty and inclusive leadership, her passion for gender equality sees her actively campaigning both personally and politically for women’s rights globally.


  • Campaign and Communications Strategist
  • Community Building and Advocate Engagement
  • Cross-Sector Collaborations and Partnership Creator
  • Issues Writer and Content Creation


  • Manchester Homelessness Partnership (Homelessness)
  • Free to Be OK With Me (Body Politics)
  • How to Eat for Less (Food Poverty and Waste)

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