Maria Mayor

I co-create spaces for people to tap into their innate creative potential and wellbeing. 

I feel very fortunate to have the privilege to work alongside my lovely partner Katie. Together we co-created amity, a social enterprise that enables individuals and organisations to effectively collaborate. We guide teams through transformational experiences where innovative solutions, change and collaboration can thrive. People that participate in our processes solve shared challenges, receive one to one coaching and are upskilled in facilitation, leadership and human centred design so they are empowered to lead ongoing change.

With amity I combine my passion for enabling people to collaborate and be leaders of their own life with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. I light up when supporting individuals and groups to unlock their potential and affect change around them.

I am passionate about wellbeing, transformation and learning. I love having conversations about what matters to people and spending time in nature playing with my dog Metta.


  • Making A Difference Together – facilitation, coaching and Human Centred Design programme empowering groups in communities and organisations to co-produce solutions to shared challenges.
  • Whole Person Facilitation Training – course Leader in Training at Zenergy Stage 1, Discovering Collective Intelligence.
  • Leadership Coaching – coaching individuals to transform personally and professionally as they move forward with clarity, direction and purpose.
  • The Mindful Leader – facilitating an 8 week program introducing teams to the practice of Mindfulness, inspiring and equipping Leaders to establish their own personal Mindfulness practice.
  • More Than One Story – sharing with the world a magical card game that builds bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.
  • Holistic coaching and facilitation
  • Transformational leadership and group dynamics
  • Toy maker
  • Smoothie master
  • Unleashing potential
  • Heart Centred Development
  • Human Centred Design